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5 Ways To Save A Sea Turtle

1. Lights Out: Hatchlings use the light from the moon to find their way to the water. Street lights discourage them from nesting on the beach and cause confusion, putting them in danger to head inland.

2. Reduce Chemical Usage: Chemicals you use on your lawn and in your home can actually wash into the coastal waters, killing plants and animals. Make sure to properly dispose of toxic chemicals and find alternatives.

3. Clean Up Trash: Turtles can become tangled in plastic and trash (on the shore and in the water). Discarded items such as fishing line & plastic bags may be confused for food by turtles, resulting in injury or death.

4. Become a Citizen Scientist: Organize a clean-up day, clear the beach of litter, give a presentation at school on how to save sea turtles and talk to others about how to make sure they are not putting these creatures in danger.

5. Avoid Nesting and Hatching Turtles: Sea turtles are tempting to touch & observe, but lights and people disturb them. Give nesting areas space, and do not disturb them as they emerge from the ocean and steer clear as they head back to water.