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Posts from April 2014

April 18: Kid's Eye View of Gulfstream Park

Friday, April 18, 2014 12:26 PM by Guest Blogger

Gulfstream Park

I love visiting Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach. My grandpa sometimes takes my brother and me for an afternoon of horse races. It is a ton of fun to bet on the horses (but you need an adult in order to bet money).

The anticipation of seeing if your horse actually wins is very intense. When the horses start racing, you could hear the loud BOOM, BOOM, BOOM of their mighty legs as they gallop around the dirt track. The jockeys wear brightly colored shirts so it's easy to tell which horse you are rooting for. If you do win a race, I assure

Written by dive enthusiast Rob Curran

Sunny, it's gridlock out here

Blue skies overhead, my buddy Susan and I slip into our scuba gear and shuffle off the beach into the ocean. Divers-down flag in tow, we make the easy five-minute surface swim out to the first reef, just a hundred yards from shore.

We descend 20 feet, to a chaotic scene. Over to Bob, for the traffic report...

It's eight a.m. The locals rolled out of bed just two hours ago. But it's already bedlam. And still ten minutes before the traffic