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Rain is inevitable, so why not make the most of a rainy day? Believe it or not there is more to do than you think. You finally have a chance to relax! Or maybe take in a new film? What about visiting a gallery or museum or boutique? You shouldn't look at rain as a bad thing; look at it as a time to get ahead.

Whenever I hear the word rain, I think of a cup of warm coffee, a big comfy couch and my favorite movie. The rain always gives me a chance to slow down and relax. Sometimes we get used to moving at a non-stop pace. When the rain comes

May 10: Summertime in Dania Beach

Friday, May 10, 2013 2:28 PM by Guest Blogger

Dania BeachI grew up at Dania Beach. Ever since middle school, Dania Beach was the hot spot for me and my friends. It was a daily routine, get up and head to the beach.

Dania Beach has always been a beautiful place to picnic, take in the sun, fish, have a family gathering or just hang out with friends. Their wooden pier stretches out about 900 feet into the Atlantic. The pier is open 24/7 and comes equipped with a tackle shop, a place to get food, and a restroom. There is a small fee to fish on this pier. You can call this number to confirm rates