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Oct 5: Savor Tonight Blog

Saturday, October 5, 2013 5:13 PM by Guest Blogger

Dine Out at a Discount in Broward with Dine Out Lauderdale

By Katy Lynch

Honey Citrus Glazed Salmon

We’ve made it through Miami Spice, Flavor Palm Beach, and have been surrounded by summer specials. Although most of these specials have ended, diners in Broward County have something to raise their glass for. It’s just the beginning of Dine Out Lauderdale. This annual event is similar to it’s counterparts (ie. Miami Spice and Flavor Palm Beach), and offers some fantastic prix-fixe dinner specials for just $35.

Grab some friends, plan a date night or venture off on your own —

Sept 12: SpaSleuth Visits Spa66

Thursday, September 12, 2013 10:03 AM by Guest Blogger

I am a sucker for everything that is spa, the aromatherapy, the music and every offered service. Spa Chic at Spa 66 did not disappoint.

I entered the spa at 1:30pm puffy eyed and overtired and left around 5:30pm refreshed, calm and magically 10 years younger.

For $99 ($148 including the tip on what would have been the full price) i could pick two spa services. I chose the Ocean Facial and the Massage. (The manicure/ pedicure was the other.) I hope the rest of my life is filled with choices like these.

The newly designed Spa 66 is part of

Aug 6: Surf, Sand, Sun, Sweat, and Stunning

Tuesday, August 6, 2013 4:00 PM by Guest Blogger

The beach: a fun, relaxing and beautiful place, can be used for your exercise and beauty care regime.

The Sun-Sentinel had a great article in the Lifestyle section last week; "Want to be Lifeguard HOT?" by Nicole Brochu. Hot, in-shape lifeguards say that the beach is their go-to gym choice. So, if you are lucky to live or stay close to the beach, here are some tips:

• Rent a paddleboard and paddle against the currents (for anyone who has been paddle boarding before knows it's quite the workout on just flat water, imagine adding waves).
• Take

July 10: Getting Ready for College Living

Wednesday, July 10, 2013 12:45 PM by Guest Blogger

HGTV and the DIY network make refurbishing old furniture, and home projects look easy and fun! I've recently become one of the millions of obsessed fans in my quest to find old furniture and knick-knacks in hopes to find a way to cheaply furnish and give some personality to my first unfurnished apartment as I move back to college. Here are some of the tricks I've figured out.

First you need to search consignment furniture shops, thrift stores, and places like the Salvation Army or Goodwill in your area. Be patient you will find a lot of junk,

College students or recent graduates know the feeling of needing/wanting an internship before graduation. The sheer amount of competition out there is astounding. Everyone knows that having real-world business experience while still in school is the best way to get a step ahead of the rest of your colleagues.

As a student at the University of Florida, and heading into my final year as an undergrad; having an internship is and was my top priority. Not only did I want to get real-world experience, but it's a required course for me to graduate.

Rain is inevitable, so why not make the most of a rainy day? Believe it or not there is more to do than you think. You finally have a chance to relax! Or maybe take in a new film? What about visiting a gallery or museum or boutique? You shouldn't look at rain as a bad thing; look at it as a time to get ahead.

Whenever I hear the word rain, I think of a cup of warm coffee, a big comfy couch and my favorite movie. The rain always gives me a chance to slow down and relax. Sometimes we get used to moving at a non-stop pace. When the rain comes

May 10: Summertime in Dania Beach

Friday, May 10, 2013 2:28 PM by Guest Blogger

Dania BeachI grew up at Dania Beach. Ever since middle school, Dania Beach was the hot spot for me and my friends. It was a daily routine, get up and head to the beach.

Dania Beach has always been a beautiful place to picnic, take in the sun, fish, have a family gathering or just hang out with friends. Their wooden pier stretches out about 900 feet into the Atlantic. The pier is open 24/7 and comes equipped with a tackle shop, a place to get food, and a restroom. There is a small fee to fish on this pier. You can call this number to confirm rates