It was an ideal day for the Chiefy crew to get under the Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier for a little maintenance of the underwater camera.

Ocean conditions were calm as Tom Campbell, Chuck Van Buskirk and I jumped in off my 29-foot Sea Vee boat. Normally, people are prohibited from diving, boating or snorkeling near the pier, as it upsets the fisherman. After all, the Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier is known as one of the best fishing “hot spots” in South Florida. However, it’s allowed so we could change the clean sweep arm designed to keep the globe over the camera free of algae and barnacles. The camera is mounted under the eastern end of the pier with a series of brackets and chains.

Our mission was to remove the clean sweep arm, which acts like a windshield wiper, and replace it with the new arm. Everything is held in place with one screw, but it’s still a challenge working in the underwater environment. While we’re down there, we do a quick cleaning of the area. About 30 minutes later we were finished, ready to enjoy the rest of a beautiful day of diving.

We dove the two new “Mount Deerfield’s,” located in 65-feet of water and north of the Rapa Nui artificial reef. The Rapa Nui artificial reef is a barge that accidentally flipped upside down during sinking and crushed 15 replica Moai statues. However, three of the statues have been relocated to the top of the barge and the area is filled with a variety of marine life. These is located directed off the eastern end of the pier. The two mounts are large limestone boulders piled in a 15-foot high pyramid shaped structure. Placed there last year by Broward County, they have already accumulated a large amount of marine life.

We also dove a series of artificial wrecks off Hillsboro Beach and then back to Deerfield Beach to the natural reef called Separated Rocks. These are islands in a north/south track, each about 100-foot in diameter. Located in 35-feet, they are very popular and we were lucky to find a few spiny lobsters.

This area off Deerfield Beach is a great dive location because of its variety of reef, wrecks, and underwater sights. It’s also nice to bring home a few spiny lobster tails for the grill…just add some melted butter!!! And now, we also have a clean underwater webcam view.