Underwater Report

8am-outside air temp-68 degrees, warmed to 86 by mid-day. The water temp has been a consistent 79 degrees for the past two weeks, however, today we had 81-degree water temp. Combined with light winds, a south current and 100’ plus visibility, it made for an outstanding diving and boating day off Fort Lauderdale. The start of above 80-degree summer water temp is here.

Vessel & Crew

Private vessel-Sand Diver (39’ Yellowfin with triple 300hp Yamahas)

Crew-Tom Campbell, Ken Udell, Andrew Rubin, and myself with Bruce Paul driving.

Dive, Dive, Dive

We left the dock in Lighthouse Point and stopped by the Lighthouse Marina for some fuel. We headed north, going out of the Hillsboro Inlet, to an area off Hillsboro Beach.

Tom and Ken dove together on the third reef while Andy and I dove on a patch reef between the second and third reef. With Bruce driving, both groups could drift with the current, allowing us to cover a lot of territory. The incredible visibility allowed us to drift high off the reef and spot fish from a long distance.

We were successful in getting a few hogfish, which has a great taste, no blood line, and can be cooked a variety of ways. As a spearfisherman, it’s one of the targeted species and usually not caught by hook and line. You can sometimes purchase hogfish in specialty fish markets but they’re not found in the major chain grocery stores. Some of the local restaurants will carry them as a menu items and if it’s listed, it’s very desirable. 

This turned out to be a very easy day of diving and getting some fresh hogfish made it even better. The incredible visibility with outstanding conditions above and below the water made today very memorable.