A group of us ventured out on Thursday, March 23 on the Lady Go Diver, located at Marina One in Deerfield Beach. Owner Arilton Pavan of Dixie Divers has made Thursdays the underwater hunting day, so we end up with a variety of experienced and beginner hunters. This Thursday, there’s only a week left of spiny lobster season in Florida, so the group is focused on grabbing a few more “bugs.”

The mild northwest wind made the ocean conditions very comfortable for the 16 divers on the charter boat. Most of us knew each other as we’ve been together on-and-off before. Captain Jason with Dive Master Tyler made sure our dives were easy as the current was almost non-existent. Everyone paired up in groups of two as we were placed on the third reef in depths from 80’ to 50’.

We ended up with a few lobsters and a variety of fish, but the biggest was speared by Wilson Diaz, a regular on these Thursday adventures by landing a 26” hogfish. After we docked the boat and off-loaded our dive gear, we decided to continue our Dive & Dine, Part II experience we had started last week. A group of us had brought our catch to Barracuda Seafood Bar & Grill last week to start Dive & Dine Part I.

Our adventure continued as a group of us headed over to Rattlesnake Jakes Bar & Grill, 2060 NE 2 Street, Deerfield Beach. We were greeted by chef Ari and owner/chef Junior who gladly welcomed our group of 11 divers.

The dining experience starting out with appetizers of spicy hogfish rolls and yellowjack served sashimi style with Jake’s bam-bam wasabi. Then the large hogfish was prepared in a variety of ways including beer-battered with chili sauce, blackened and even grilled with a mild lemon sauce with mushrooms. The grilled lobster tails were presented butterflied with butter and garlic.

What made this Part II experience exciting was the variety of ways the fish were prepared at Rattlesnake Jakes. Our taste buds were sizzling after being served these delicacies fresh from the ocean.