JOHN WATERS says Dina Martina goes way beyond drag into some new kind of twisted art!

GRAHAM NORTON says Dina Martina is hilarious like no one else I know!

THE NEW YORK TIMES says Offbeat and inimitable!

LADY BUNNY says Tragic magic! Demented comic genius!  Do not miss it!

This tragic singer, horrible dancer and surreal raconteur, the hysterically funny Dina Martina debuted at Seattle's Center on Contemporary Art in 1989, instantly gleaning reviews that dubbed her "magically warped", "utter genius" and "unwittingly hilarious".  Since then, she's packed venues in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto and London and shared the bill with acts ranging from Alan Cumming (at Broward Center!)  to Nina Hagen to Margaret Cho. She regularly sells out venues from New York City, Provincetown to San Francisco and New Orleans.



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