Itsy Bitsy Spider
Do spiders make you shiver? Test your courage and attempt to pick up all the itsy bitsy spiders.

Creepy Crawlers
Bugs give lots of people the creeps. Are you brave enough to touch our creepy crawlers?

Ooey Gooey Slime
Hocus Pocus! Create your own concoction to make ooey gooey slime.

Skeletal X-Ray
Need a hand? Collect all the right bones and make your own skeletal hand print.

Mad Crazy Chemistry Show
Join our mad scientist for a chemistry show filled with spooktacular spells and potions!

Inky Squid
Look inside a squid and learn how it moves and eats. Beware…you might get stuck by the suction cups on one of the eight arms…and it will never let go!

Halloween Hopscotch
Hippity hop through our graveyard hopscotch.



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