Back in the early 1950's, Ft. Pierce artist, A.E, "Bean" Backus, trained Alfred Hair to paint Florida landscapes. As Alfred learned, he encouraged others to join in painting and selling their works of art. "Bean" Backus served as a mentor for Alfred, but soon Alfred was a mentor for others and others were mentors for each other and each developed their unique style and technique. Dubbed the name, "The Highwaymen", these talented individuals were never formally trained and therefore could not show their art in the traditional "Whites Only" galleries and they took to the roads to tell their stories and sell their paintings locally to banks, businesses, hotels and consumers for a mere $25 painted on inexpensive "Gibson" board!
Today, their stories resonate with local Floridians who share a love for their community, the people and the tenacity to make things work. Their fast painting techniques marvel one and all as they demonstrate during many special events held throughout the state. South Florida is awaiting the arrival of 8 of the original Highwaymen artists - Curtis Arnett, Al Black, Mary Ann Carroll, Robert Lewis, Isaac Knight, Doretha Hair Truesdell, Willie Reagan and Charles Walker, who are coming to the Pompano Beach area!



450 NE 10th St.
Pompano Beach, FL 33060
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This historic house museum hosts approximately 7,500 visitors per year, offering opportunities to learn about the heritage of two of Pompano Beach's...
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