The Museum of Discovery and Science invites families to participate in an exciting evening of sea turtle discovery and wonder! The annual evening Turtle Walks will occur in June and July 2018.  Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about sea turtle nesting and nature permitting, observe a loggerhead sea turtle lay her eggs and then head out to sea.

At 9:00 p.m., the Turtle Walk adventure begins at the Museum of Discovery and Science with an informative presentation by Museum staff about the plight of sea turtles.  Guest will then meet at the beach where Museum expert guides will scout the beach looking for nesting sea turtles.  Once a turtle is found and has begun the egg-laying process, guests will be led down the beach to witness this unforgettable experience.  Please note:  nesting is not dependent upon weather, tides, or moon phases, and we cannot guarantee a nesting event each time.

The journey continues to Fort Lauderdale beach where Museum expert guides lead guests to the sea turtle’s nesting grounds to look for amazing sea turtles. While we cannot guarantee a sea turtle will be spotted on every walk, when it does happen, it is a natural wonder that no one will ever forget. 

The loggerhead (scientific name Caretta caretta) is the most abundant sea turtle nesting in Florida.  The loggerhead sea turtle, whose name refers to its large head, can weigh up to 400 pounds and has a life span of approximately 30-60 years. Loggerheads are a protected species and can be found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans as well as the Mediterranean Sea. They spend most of their life in saltwater and estuarine habitats, with females briefly coming ashore to lay eggs.  The loggerhead sea turtle has a low reproductive rate; females lay an average of four egg clutches and then become quiescent, producing no eggs for two to three years.  A female loggerhead sea turtle may travel thousands of miles to return to the area where she hatched as a baby to lay her own eggs as an adult.

Guests should be prepared to walk approximately one to two miles, and provide their own transportation and snacks.  Participants must be 9 years of age or older. White lights and flashes are not permitted on the beach.  Advance reservations are required as space is limited.  Please call 954.713.0930 to make reservations or purchase on-line at: https://turtlewalks2018.brownpapertickets.com Prices are $19 for members and $21 for non-members.




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