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Warp & Weft: Illuminating Seams of Cultural and Conceptual

  • Dates: July 15, 2021 - September 25, 2021
  • Recurrence: Recurring daily
  • 601 City Center Way
  • Pembroke Pines , FL 33025
  • 954-3921-2120
  • Time: Vary

Warp & Weft: Illuminating Seams of Cultural and Conceptual invites you to its first in-person exhibition of the season at The Frank Gallery in Pembroke Pines. Warp & Weft , on display through September 25, showcases contemporary fiber techniques and works of diverse media that engage rich textile traditions. From saturated tapestries woven from paper to paintings inspired by ethnographic textile motifs, the works in this collection function as vital visual documents encoding deliberate responses to notions of identity, class, gender and belief. Each work is presented as an evolved matrix of meanings and materials; an intricate system of correspondences punctuated by personal data and permeated with evidence of hand and body. In this exhibition, the viewer is co-pilot, set to travel onward and soothe the bindings of months past. Through this embrace, the subtle-complexities of the familiar are illuminated as stalwart seams; robust and ever-present.

Warp & Weft features: Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia, Regina Jestrow, Pip Brant, Amanda Madrigal, Kim Spivey, Frances Trombly, Evelyn Politzer, Carrie Sieh, Michelle Drummond, and selected artists from Fiber Artists-Miami Association (FAMA).