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The economic impact of the on-location film industry to Greater Fort Lauderdale since 2000 totals more than $220 million. The Broward Film and Television commission was formed in 1982 as a full service coordination office for filming in Broward County. In April 2010 the Film Commission was transitioned to the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau as the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward Office of Film & Entertainment increasing overall growth by 60%. The main goal is to promote and showcase the destination as a key "location" to the production/film and entertainment industry, support our local crews, and vendors, facilitate one stop permitting, showcase our production friendly hotels and destination. In addition, the CVB's OFE focuses on promoting Greater Fort Lauderdale as a key live music hub, showcasing our live music venues, and nightlife. For additional listings of who is rockin', you can check us out at

The integration of the Film & Entertainment Office to the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau will provide marketing synergies with tourism promotion. "We realize that when a production comes to town, it is everybody's business, crews, vendors, hotels, restaurants, tourism, everyone is engaged. Everyone benefits, from local crews being put to work, to local resources to our hotels, restaurants and venues, not to mention the incredible exposure of the area." says Noelle P. Stevenson, Film & Entertainment Commissioner. Our goal is for our film industry to experience a smooth, easy, friendly and fun journey while they are in town. In order to further facilitate, the GFLCVB's Film and Entertainment office has launched the Production Preferred Pass (P3) to provide the film industry with local added value incentives, yet another way to showcase our appreciation toward the industry.

The GFL OFE will work closely with our production & entertainment travel agents, crews, the music industry, our film festivals and other entertainment opportunities.

With the new $296 million incentives approved by the State, Florida will be looked at even closer as a production hub. Broward County is now home to A&E's new dramatic series The Glades, which premiered in 2010 and is planning its 5th season, as well as USA's network "Graceland". The economic impact from Glades alone, over a five-month period has been over $17.5 million dollars. Graceland is forecast to surpass that amount in economic impact. Both series are entirely filmed in Broward County.

Since mid-April 2010 to present, Greater Fort Lauderdale has housed more than 800 productions from features to high impact TV series, Telenovelas, documentaries, independent projects, commercials, music videos and still shoots. We have for years been a key location for film, and continue to be more than ever a priority destination for film projects in the industry. Greater Fort Lauderdale has been a key location and most popular for films, Telenovelas, still photography, commercials and documentaries. Projects include Rock of Ages, Jack & Jill, Sopranos, Corazon Valiente, El Rostro de la Vangaza, Dexter, Glades, Graceland, Burn Notice, Iron Man, Finding Joy, VH1's Tough Love, Magic City, Bar Rescue, Hotel Impossible, Gator Boys, Four Weddings,Kenny Chesney's "Come over" music video to Tony Bennett's duets just to name a few. Greater Fort Lauderdale continues to welcomes our newest TV series and Telenovelas to town!

It is a phenomenal time for productions in Florida! Production projects alone have generated over 23,892 jobs - a great majority of crews reside in Greater Fort Lauderdale.

Voted best studio and sound stages for film, Broward County provides a variety of industrial warehouses which have in turn been converted into sound stages in addition to production offices.

You will find overall production costs in Broward extremely competitive

And when you are not working too hard, Greater Fort Lauderdale offers a variety of great restaurants, nightlife, concerts, arts, attractions, the everglades, shopping, and fun water activities; after all we are named the Yachting Capital of the world for a reason! Check out our music scene at

For addition information on filming in Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward, contact your Film & Entertainment Commissioner, Noelle P. Stevenson, at (954) 767 2440,