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Fashion in Greater Fort Lauderdale


Greater Fort Lauderdale is home to a diverse array of cultures and dialects, but everyone understands the unspoken international language of fashion. 

You can hear it shouted on Las Olas Boulevard via an expertly tailored shirt, and sung in the nightclubs along the Atlantic through a daring ensemble. It announces itself from the marinas along the Intracoastal Waterway and whispers from the Everglades—coastal chic grab that is at once casual yet elegantly put together. The rich hues and precise hems of fashion announce themselves from every street corner and saltwater shallow, beckoning you to embrace the beach-meets-big-city style of the region.

When you visit Greater Fort Lauderdale, you can see the area’s fashion parade itself along the beaches and boardwalks on a daily basis or sit and watch it strut down the runway at Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week, but you can’t escape it. Fashion isn’t something Greater Fort Lauderdale does, it’s part of what the region is. Find your fashion and find yourself in Greater Fort Lauderdale.

The fashions of Greater Fort Lauderdale are all-encompassing, from the upcycled and repurposed to the new, innovative, and daring. Greater Fort Lauderdale is a creative culture that embraces both the bohemian and the cutting-edge—so long as it’s fresh, exciting, and reflects the wearer’s personality. The key to Greater Fort Lauderdale’s fashion is that it absorbs everything that makes the area unique and attractive.

Find Your Fashion

The fashion event to top all fashion events in the area is Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week. Nowhere is Greater Fort Lauderdale’s fashion culture on grander display than during this week-long event, typically held in March each year. 

Drawing in emerging and established designers from all over the region, Fashion Week is a chance for style in the city to shine. The event presents the opportunity for designers to connect with media and buyers, while also shining a spotlight on Greater Fort Lauderdale’s unique fashion identity. 

Style aficionados can attend to get the first scoop on soon-to-be trends. With about a dozen designers showcasing their creations, attendees will see everything from bikinis and beachwear to formal suits and couture creations.

For designers just launching their fashion brand, the event provides support ranging from casting and technical assistance to marketing and artistic design, for a professional runway show you can be proud of.

Beyond Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week, the Underground Division of Film, Music, Fashion & Create is here to help you execute your fashion event with assistance for permits, locations, accommodations, and more.