Cool sushi rolls are accompanied by ripe cucumbers sliced into near-translucent petals, hot noodle dishes are piled to near toppling heights, and flavorful seafood dishes swim in ever-so-light pools of sauce. From soups and salads to seafood and steaks, the menu is all-encompassing.

Coco Asian Bistro
$37 per person
Valid Sunday - Thursday
September 1-30, 2017
*Extended through October 15, 2017
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(choice of one)

Tum Yum Goong
Shrimp, chili paste, mushroom, lemon grass, kefir leaf

Ahi Tuna Taco
Spicy Tuna, lettuce, carrot, avocado, wasabi mayo

Crispy Rice Tuna

Fried sushi rice, spicy tuna

Skewer Thai Grilled Pork
Chili sauce, rice vermicelli, lettuce

Koong Krub
Fried shrimp panko, spicy mayo celery sauce, lettuce

Volcano Pizza
Mixed fish, conch, imitation crab, mayo, sushi rice, seaweed, cheese

(choice of one)

Lobster Lover Roll
Maine Lobster tail, asparagus, avocado, cucumber, topped/w masago
and volcano sauce, /w Lobster salad

Lobster Hang Over
Fried white rice, egg benedict panko, spicy jelly

Pan fried Seabass, shallot, scallion, pepper, basil

Sashimi Poke Bowl
Tuna, salmon, Hamachi, sushi rice, tobiko, tamago, eel,

ikura, sushi shrimp, pickle daikon, green salad, poke sauce

Duck Breast & Foie Gras
Lo mein noodles, garlic, baby bok choy, orange sauce

(choice of one)

Key Lime Ice Cream

Coconut Ice Cream

Mochi Cheese Cake

House Made Tiramisu

House Made Cheesecake

House Made Chocolate Brownie

  • Average Price Dinner: $20
  • Group Dining:
  • Max. capacity of restaurant: 200
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