Four studios, including a full master control facility to switch incoming and outgoing service. (1) 70 x 40 2,800 sq. ft. with 3 sided hard Cyc, (1) 25 x 25 insert stage, (1) 14 x 20 insert stage, and (1) 14 x 15 insert stage. Level 3 First Video Affiliate for live transmissions from any of their studios. 11 fiber optic connections to a worldwide network. Full service domestic and international satellite service. Both C band and Ku band fixed antennas located at main hub location in Fort Lauderdale. Services offered in analog or digital. Modern studios equipped with Green Room, Dressing Rooms and full time make up personnel. Main studio facility located on 9 acres of prime Fort Lauderdale real estate with parking for more than 50 vehicles. (3) fully redundant digital/analog Ku band satellite trucks.
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