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  • 2460 E Commercial Blvd
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
  • 754-332-2125
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Dine Out Lauderdale Menu
Gatsby's Joint

$35 per person
Valid July – September 2020

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Wedge Salad
Tomatoes, lettuce, bacon, blue cheese

Gatby's Giant Meatball
Secret meatball recipe, pomodoro sauce, ricotta

Brussel Sprouts in Kimchi Sauce 
Roasted brussel sprouts, spicy kimchi sauce

Fried potato and mushroom filled Ukrainian style with caramelized onions and gatsby sauce

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Roasted Head of Cauliflower
Roasted small head of cauliflower with tahini sauce

BBQ Smoked Brooklyn Brisket Dinner
Slow smoked finger-licking brisket sliced and smothered with BBQ sauce, shredded slaw and creamy mashed potatoes

Famour Chicken Francaise
Egg battered and pan seared in white wine lemon sauce over linguine

Skinny Shrimp Scampi on Spiraled Zucchini
Sauteed succulent shrimp in butter, lemon, parsley and incredible broth

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Old Fashioned Bread Pudding

Flourless Chocolate Cake 

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