By Nicki E. Grossman
President, Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau

Billboard Goodbye Chilly, Hello Sunny

We have two words -- "HELLO SUNNY!" The new Greater Fort Lauderdale HELLO SUNNY marketing campaign reflects how you feel when you arrive with that warm breeze on your face and you remove your socks to feel golden sand between your toes. The word "sunny" has been at the core of Greater Fort Lauderdale's culture for years. It defines the climate, of course, but it also stands for the breezy lifestyle that exists here - from the seagrass to the sawgrass. And, it has played an integral role in gaining brand equity with the website.

Designed to bring in even more visitors from around the United States, and across the globe, to fill our hotels, restaurants, museums, golf courses, attractions, shops, casinos and, of course, our beautiful beaches and having an overall impact on the local economy. "Hello Sunny" will carefully position our distinctive brand personality - light hearted, carefree, refreshing, active, vibrant, entertaining, water-centric and sunny - leveraging that equity by wrapping our distinctive destination in a figurative warm smile. The phenomenal simplicity of these two words transmits the ease of Greater Fort Lauderdale in a welcoming, fun way.

"HELLO SUNNY" 2013 marketing campaign includes a broad variety of strategic communications, ranging from a new media campaign, to special events and promotions held around the world.  In addition to targeting our traditionally strong markets - in state, east coast, Canada, and Latin America - we will expand our geographic reach for both group business and leisure with a new emphasis on the Midwest, especially Chicago, and the West Coast to take advantage of expanding air services and new international markets including China.

The goal of this continued effort is the betterment of our community. For every 85 visitors, one job is created. So far, tourism has produced over 131,000 hospitality jobs. To check out the new "HELLO SUNNY" 2013 Marketing Campaign visit:

And most importantly, remember to greet all our visitors in the coming months with a cheerful, "Hello Sunny!"