1. MYTH: CVBs are only available to assist with citywide conventions.

FACT: 50% of all meetings held are 200 people or less on the peak night!! Needless to say, the GFLCVB is there for you no matter what size meeting you are planning. Along with hotels, the GFLCVB represents restaurants, printers, speakers, transportation companies, and so much more. Give them a try!!

2. MYTH: CVBs will send my lead to all hotels within the city.

FACT: GFLCVB sales personnel are trained to qualify the lead appropriately. They can direct leads to only those industry partners that planners request, or that fulfill the planner's requirements.

3. MYTH: I work with my national sales offices, so I do not need to use a CVB.

FACT: While the GFLCVB works hand in hand with National Sales Offices, there are properties in their area that are not affiliated with a national chain. You may be missing out on some great facilities by not having information from them during your bid process.

4. MYTH: The good thing about working with a rep firm or National Sales Office, is that I can send my specs to one person and they can search availability throughout the country. Otherwise, I have to call each bureau direct.

FACT: Through IACVBs RFP Online service, you are able to send your specs via the Internet and they will be forwarded to only the bureaus that you are specifically interested in. The GFLCVB also offers online RFPs at www.sunny.org/meetingplanners.

5. MYTH: CVBs are only located in their "home" cities.

FACT: In addition to their home office in Greater Fort Lauderdale, the GFLCVB has offices located in Washington, D.C. and Chicago that can assist in RFP lead generation and hospitality information, as well as satellite offices in Munich, Germany and London, England. These contacts are all listed on their website, http://www.iacvb.org.

6. MYTH: A CVB is like a travel agent or consultant who will charge or take a commission for their services.

FACT: The GFLCVB is publicly-funded, and therefore represents all properties impartially. Their time for following up an RFP, assembling a choice of convention venues, or working with a meeting planner are all free. Contacting a CVB costs you nothing and can save a lot of time and money.

7. MYTH: The CVB doesn't provide any services for my meeting. I get everything I need from the hotel where I'm holding my meeting.

FACT: The GFLCVB assists meeting planers with personalized site inspections, suggestions of off-site venues, referrals to area service suppliers including destination management and transportation companies, and public relations and collateral support to help build attendance.

8. MYTH: I have to provide all the information to my meeting attendees on my own website.

FACT: You can link your web site directly with GFLCVB. Links are provided free of charge and they provide your meeting attendees with up to the minute information such as weather, things to do, etc.

9. MYTH: I have the perception that larger CVBs offer more services than smaller CVBs.

FACT: Most small bureaus have sufficient staff to service your needs just like a larger CVB. Each city has their own charm and style, contact a CVB and find out for yourself!

10. MYTH: Bureaus can only assist me with hotel and convention conference facilities for my meetings.

FACT: The GFLCVB is an incredible resource and provides wonderful recommendations on those special and unique meeting venues that provide not only meeting space but an experience of the destination.