Top 5 tips for Making Meeting Planning a Breeze

Feeling overwhelmed with planning your next meeting? Check out our recommendations for pulling off a successful event with ease.

Take advantage of special offers from local CVBs

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Pick the hostess with the mostess

Spend time studying the host city to ensure that it not only has good air lift, meeting facilities and great hotels, but also boasts plenty of fun things to do outside of the board room to make the event memorable. Local CVB websites, like, are great resources for discovering the ins and outs of a destination.

Tag team the planning process

Pull a strong core team together and outline everyone’s roles and responsibilities from initial planning to executing the event. This will empower individuals to own a portion of the project and to eliminate the chance of members being overloaded or underutilized.

Verify vendors and suppliers

Make sure to choose reliable vendors and suppliers by reading reviews and asking for referrals from contacts in the area.

Keep calm in the chaos

It’s important to expect the unexpected. Rain and human error happen and there’s always something that can and will go wrong, which is why it’s necessary to plan for those occurrences. Come up with a weather contingency plan, allot extra time in scheduling for attendees to be running late and have an emergency fund built into the budget.