Explore Billie Swamp Safari's Animal Exhibits and Petting Zoo Free for a limited time! Stroll around and be greeted by our newly constructed petting zoo and animal exhibits with over 20 different creatures that walk, swim, crawl and fly!

Get up close to Wolves, Bears, Otters, Porcupine, Raccoons, Bobcats, Javelina, African Wart Hog, African Spur Thigh Tortoise, Soft Shell Turtles, Fox and a Florida Panther.

Then check out our cold blooded creatures, but don't get to close; American Alligator, Cuban Crocodile, Nile Crocodile, Siamese Crocodile, Green Iguana and an 11 foot Tiger Python.

Don't forget our fine feathered friends! Birds; Barred Owl, Macaws, Crested Caracara, Hawks, Falcon.

Make friends with the cute and cuddly! Get kisses from our white-tail deer, pigmy goats, miniature horse and Highlands furry cows.

Free park admission will only be in effect until September 1, 2017. Rides and shows maybe purchased, however not required for this offer.


Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation in the Florida Everglades
Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation, FL 33440
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