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Florida Superior Small Lodging Association (FSSLA) is a member owned, non-profit enterprise, providing brand awareness for property operators with no more than 75 rooms. Each Superior Small Lodging (SSL) is inspected and selected for its cleanliness, personalized service and charm. Participation is an earned privilege and members must demonstrate an ongoing commitment and adherence to the requirements of the program. By booking a Superior Small Lodging, guests experience authentic local culture and character. Superior Small Lodgings stand for one-of-a-kind vacations. It's our innkeepers' pledge. Florida Superior Small Lodging (FSSL) Association is the managing organization for the Florida SSL brand. Annual dues are paid directly to this group. Click here for info on SSL dues. The program is a simple, smart solution for expanding awareness, instituting and maintaining quality measures, and improving occupancy destination-wide. 

SSL GOAL:  To continually meet or exceed guests' expectations for a memorable lodging experience. Guests deserve undisputed value without sacrificing quality in their accommodations. These varied, distinguished properties guarantee a high level of service, comfort, cleanliness and security, as well as a sense of style and ambiance.

Each property must pass an annual inspection. We adhere to a rigorous, high standard Quality Assurance Program, where all members are formally inspected on an annual basis. The inspection program provides the innkeeper an inexpensive way of determining what guests look for. An independent inspector, hired by SSL. 

The passing grade for the SSL program is 82%. Properties are encouraged to continually upgrade and exceed the standards of the program. A housekeeping score of 85% must be maintained for the privilege of being in the SSL program.

The White Glove Award is awarded to properties that receive a perfect housekeeping score of 100% during the annual inspection. Click here for a list of Greater Fort Lauderdale SSLs that received a 2017 White Glove Award.

Click here for the latest SSL guidelines. Click here for Benefits of Membership.


  • Assure the uniformity of quality standards for properties with fewer than 50 rooms.
  • Increase the awareness of the public and the hospitality industry of the program.   
  • Enhance the image of member properties.
  • Maintain quality standards of the Superior Small Lodging program. 
  • Ensure the satisfaction of guests, help to increase year-round occupancy levels and daily rates, and help members build equity in their properties.

SSL originated in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1989 to enable smaller lodging facilities to compete with the larger chain properties' marketing budgets. Soon after, Daytona Beach joined in the effort and currently the statewide program features approximately 300 properties throughout 15 locations in Florida.


  • Annual Property Review and Feedback
  • Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Support: 
    • Offer signage for each approved lodging 
    • Create special SSL website
    • Provide photograph of each property
    • Provide media relations support
    • International distribution of SSL brochure
    • Advertising support
  • Exposure in Greater Fort Lauderdale SSL brochure distributed globally
  • Exposure in CVB website:
  • "Branding" on SSLA website:
  • Exposure in Visit Florida website
  • Exposure in SSL State Member Published Directories
  • Historically proven and successful Referral Source
  • Immediate Listing and Direct Links on Website
  • Quality Designation and Brand Recognition
  • Public Relations and Advertising support local property marketing
  • Social Media including Facebook enhancements
  • Co-operative advertising opportunities
  • Association Membership official Sign and Logo Usage
  • Political responsiveness for small business issues and small lodgings
  • E-Mail Newsletter
  • Affiliated Vendor Discounts; Allied Member Consultation
  • Continuing Professional Development/Education
  • Emergency Disaster Plan
  • Camaraderie between Superior Small Lodging members
  • Annual State Conference with educational seminars and free housing
  • Membership with Visit Florida at a reduced rate
  • Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association reduced rate membership
  • Experience other SSLs throughout the state at greatly reduced rates
  • Similar to a AAA diamond ratings, offering reassurance to travelers
  • Distinguish your property from your competition
  • Encourage potential guests to book at smaller properties
  • Provides guests with a level of comfort for a unique, personalized visit
  • Executive Director handles day to day administrative duties

Click here to see the Sun-Sentinal article on Small hoteliers getting their slice of the flourishing tourism pie. 

For additional information on how to become a member of Superior Small Lodgings contact Scott Rivelli, Executive Director at (954) 895-4777 or