past inductees

The following Broward County sports legends have a permanent spot in Broward history. Each inductee has been a long time Broward resident and has attended high school or competed in Broward County as an athlete or coach.

To nominate an athlete, coach or pioneer, please submit the following:

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  • Individual must have been a long-time resident of Broward County, and have attended high school or competed in Broward County as an athlete or coach

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Broward County Sports Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Jerry Bailey, Horse Racing
    Herbert “Buddy” Behrens, Tennis
    Cameron Benson, Football
    Ron Bergeron, Rodeo
    Bennie Blades, Football
    Larry Blustein, Media
    Julius Boros, Golf
    David Bowden, Track & Cross Country
    Wendy Bruce-Martin, Gymnastics
    Bob Brudzinski, Football
    Bonnie Canino, Boxing/Martial Arts
    Don Carter, Bowling
    Ruben Carter, Football
    Joe Castiglione, Athletic Administration
    Mary Ellen Clark, Diving
    Andy Coan, Swimming
    John Congemi, Football
    Jeff Conine, Baseball
    Joey Cornblit, Jai-Alai  
    Louise Crocco, Volleyball
    Henri Crockett, Football
    Zachary Crockett, Football
    Howard Davis, Jr., Boxing
    Iris Davis, Track & Field
    Autry Denson, Football
    Duffy Dillon, Swimming
    Walter Dix, Track & Field
    Mike Donald, Golf
    Douglas Donn, Horse Racing
    Keyon Dooling, Basketball
    Angelo Dundee, Boxing
    Dave Edgar, Swimming
    Eric Eichmann, Soccer
    Lee Elder, Golf
    Chris Evert, Tennis
    Coach Jay Fitzgerald, Swimming

  • Edward “Whitey” Ford, Baseball
    Tucker Frederickson, Football
    Carlos Giron, Soccer
    Charles Goodrum, Football
    Al Gordon, Swimming
    Brian Gottfried, Tennis
    Andy Granatelli, Auto Racing
    Otis Gray, Jr., Football
    Wayne Grimditch, Water Skiing
    Marty Hendrick, Swimming
    Rich Hofman, Baseball
    Ralph Houk, Baseball
    Ray Hudson, Soccer
    Jobie Hughes, Soccer
    H. Wayne Huizenga, Panthers/Marlins/Dolphins
    Stefan Humphries, Football
    Ryan Hunter-Reay, Motorsports (Auto Racing)
    Steven J. Hutchinson, Football
    Damian Huttenhoff, High School Athletics
    Richard “Butch” Ingram, Basketball
    Coach Leatha Ingram, Basketball
    Michael Irvin, Football
    Charles Johnson, Jr., Baseball
    Eddie Jones, Basketball
    Eddie Jones, Football
    Danny Kanell, Football
    Bernie Kosar, Football
    Pat Kramer, Archery
    June Krauser, Swimming
    Barry Krauss, Football
    Pat Kruse, Swimming
    Tom Lamar, Swimming  
    Michael Leech, Fishing
    Ricardo Liborio, Martial Arts

  • Coach Michael Lohberg, Swimming
    Rocky Marciano, Boxing  
    Dan Marino, Football
    Ann Marshall, Swimming
    Jack Martin, Football  
    Stu Marvin, Aquatics
    Oddibe McDowell, Baseball
    Danny McManus, Football
    Coach Pat McQuaid, Baseball  
    Gene Monahan, Sports Medicine
    Earl Morrall, Football
    Coach Thomas “Tucker” Morris, Basketball
    Mike Mularkey, Football
    Bill Munsey, Football  
    Jack Nelson, Swimming  
    John Nelson, Swimming  
    C.M. Newton, Basketball  
    Coach Ron O’Brien, Diving
    Joel Lenzi O’Connell, Diving
    John Offerdahl, Football
    Louis Oliver, Football
    Max Osceola, Football  
    Robert Ousley, Swimming  
    Charlie Partridge, Football
    Kaye Pearson, Yachting
    Frank Pettineo, Wrestling
    Brian Piccolo, Football  
    Cyril Pinder, Football  
    Marcia Pinder, Basketball  
    Lisa Pinkney-Bowles, Track & Field
    Coach Herman Pittman, Basketball
    Katherine Rawls, Swimming
    William T. Reeves, Sports Officiating
    Dr. Harold Reitman, Boxing

  • Errict Rhett, Football
    Sanya Richards-Ross, Track & Field
    Patti Rizzo, Golf
    Sharon Robb, Sports Media
    Timothy J. Robbie, Football/Soccer
    Laura Rountree, Soccer
    Joe Rose, Football/Sports Media
    Laurie Fleming Rowley, Tennis
    Greg Samuel, Basketball
    Coach Carlos “Skip” Sasse, Track & Field
    Tony Segreto, Broadcasting  
    Ryan Nelson Shealy, Baseball
    David Shula, Football  
    George Smith, Football  
    Captain Skip Smith, Fishing
    Harold Soloman, Tennis
    Mike Stanley, Baseball
    Dwight Stephenson, Football
    Terese Terranova, Table Tennis/Paralympics
    Dara Torres, Swimming
    William A. Torrey, Ice Hockey
    Rick Tucci, Wrestling
    Fred Turner, Sports Editing
    John Vanbiesbrouck, Ice Hockey
    Abby Ward, Basketball  
    Coach Ed Waters, Baseball
    Neal Watson, Scuba Diving  
    Earl Weaver, Baseball
    John Webb, Sports Devlelopment
    Weekley Brothers, Rodeo
    Lisa Zielinski, Volleyball
    William Zloch, Football